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Microsoft Employer Branding:
Build On Campaign

Microsoft's employer brand is an extension of the Microsoft Brand. The Build On campaign highlights Microsoft's mission to empower every person and organization to achieve more.


The goal of the campaign is to re-invent Microsoft's voice and presence as approachable, authentic, and inspiring- in the pursuit to attract future job candidates. "Build On" "Be the one who empowers billions" are the brand ethos and mantras, celebrating a culture of passionate and driven people who collaborate together to bring impact to the world.

As a team, we strategize and build assets for global career and networking conferences. My role was to develop and ensure consistency in the campaign's visual identity across all marketing or recruiting toolkits, whether it be print flyers, booth designs, or social media content.

Role-  Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography

Client- Microsoft Employer Branding, Society of Women Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers

Project Managers- Morgen Puravet, Audrey Evergreen

Sr. Graphic Designer- Steven Didis

Communications Managers- Conner Kutsunai, Gini Cortez

Project Leads- Amanda O'Neal, Jen Crum

Branding- Microsoft Brand Team

Deliverables- Print/digital collaterals, booth design, Snapchat filters, illustrations, signage, one-pagers

Society of Women Engineers & National Society of Black Engineers Conference

The Society of Women Engineers and the National Society of Black Engineers are one of the many conferences Microsoft participates in. Each conference has a distinct look and feel in which requires custom design print/ digital collaterals. Here are some examples:


Illustrations/Booth Selfie Wall

Swipe thru!


Booth Design


Digital & Print


Campaign Elements/ Assets

The key message for this campaign about collaboration and empowerment which is visually represented by a dynamic system of lines and arrows, paired with vibrant, accent colors derived from Microsoft's main color palette. 

Liz_Portfolio_Stylescape - Copy-10.png
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