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Traveler Value Index 

Every year, Expedia Group collaborates with Wakefield Research to conduct the Traveler Value Index, a comprehensive analysis of current traveler behaviors and preferences. This research aims to identify gaps between industry expectations and what travelers value in their experiences, providing insights that inform decisions and investments within the travel sector.

This research report is spearheaded by the B2B GTM team, serving as a collaborative effort across various teams. The project typically spans a quarter, encompassing research gathering and the creation of materials tailored for our partner audience. Deliverables include the main report, a one-pager infographic, social media posts, emails, and other assets for our marketing toolkit.

I served as the lead designer responsible for planning and executing these deliverables. My role involved close collaboration with our content and copy team, PR team, and the creative director for design guidance and consultation. 

Role: Concepting, Visual Design

Expedia Group

Design Director: Eve Lee

Design Support: Tyler Parker, Jose Espinoza

Project Manager: Alexia Hadjinicolaou

Content Strategist: Kerry Brunelle, Hilary Krutt

Industry relations/ PR team: Bridget Benelisha, Caitlyn Crisp

Deliverables: Report, One-pagers, Presentation deck, Social banners, Email




Since this is a large scale research campaign, there is a rollout of assets that are launch across multiple channels. Primarily, the main report will undergo localization into several languages, accompanied by snapshot or one-pager reports tailored to each LOB.


Additionally, I've created a series of targeted email communications to partners aimed at raising awareness and driving webinar registrations. Our launch plan also encompasses a diverse range digital materials, including press releases, digital banners, and social media posts. These materials are deployed throughout the quarter to boost awareness, foster engagement, and drive traffic to the landing page for report downloads.


The team's strategy hinged on Phocuswright conferencess 2022 as the pivotal moment to kickstart the expansive TVI 2023 global campaign. Concurrently, the E4B commercial teams conducted multiple on-site meetings with both new and existing partners, underlining the value of our partnership and positioning Expedia Group as an industry thought leader.

Following Expedia Group's breakout at Phocuswright, targeted engagement campaigns directed towards partners were swiftly launched, driving research downloads through our partner sites on Welcome and Vrbo Host. This effort yielded impressive results, with 8.5K downloads stemming from 11.6K+ visits, marking a 300% surge in traffic compared to TVI 2021.


In addition, media relations efforts have garnered over 500 articles, including 92 trade articles, reflecting a substantial 76% increase in coverage compared to TVI 2021. Social content has demonstrated strong performance, boasting a combined reach of 16K+, 395 engagements, and 421 clicks leading to gated landing pages for downloading the complete TVI 2023 report.


Concept & exploration

As the initial step, I undertook the task of revitalizing the visual identity of the report, essentially establishing a distinct sub-brand while adhering to Expedia Group's overarching brand guidelines. The objective was to streamline the visual elements by reducing the use of illustrations and colors from previous reports, and instead, leverage more photography.

To achieve a clean and minimalist aesthetic, I curated a color palette primarily centered around shades of blue, with select secondary tones reserved for data visualization purposes, such as graphs and charts requiring differentiation. As our chosen colors predominantly leaned towards cooler tones, I've also selected a repository of warmer-toned, natural images, steering away from conventional stock-like photography. Given our current resource limitations, I sourced images from Getty and compiled image boards tailored to each Line of Business (LOB) as a resource for the team.

Furthermore, I maintained consistency with the original report's visual language by retaining our geometric shapes as a graphical device. This decision ensured a sense of continuity while infusing a more contemporary feel into the overall design, striking a balance between familiarity and modernity.

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