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Expedia Group

Expedia Group is a global tech-leading travel platform, driven by the core belief of travel being the force for good, and aims to solve the complexities of travel- making it more accessible for everyone, everywhere. 


The Expedia Group Brand team focuses on internal and external communication, bringing the brand to life across digital, print, and experiential media. The team also works closely with their ERGs or IBG (Inclusion Business Groups) and is heavily involved in company town halls. As full disclosure, these mock-ups were made as part of the interview process for the brand design specialist position.


The goal is to develop concepts and decks for their business/tech strategy presentation. However, in addition, I also recreated the landing page of the Life at Expedia Group Blog.

Role-  Concepting, Visual Design

Client- Expedia Group

Brand Director- Laura Masters

Design Team- Angella Watterson, Kristen Barcheski

Photography- Unsplash

Deliverables- Concepting, Slides, Landing Page Mock-up

LizOng_ ExpediaGroup_DesignExercise.gif

Virtual "waiting-room" signage

Life at Expedia Group Blog

This blog houses rich content that highlights employees' career journies, inclusion groups, culture, and event spotlights. The brand is relatively new but I felt that there is a visual disconnect compared to the rest of the website, the experience feels a bit outdated and I wanted to offer my input.


Of course, this is purely coming from a layout/visual standpoint, without much context of the implementation and development side. The goal was to ensure that the brand's elements (illustration, icons, photography, colors) are also showcased on these pages, despite it being content-heavy.


Life at Expedia Group Blog (old)


Town Hall Deck/ Concepting

The ask is to develop sleek and tech-centric slides for the Town Hall session that highlights their revised tech strategy. The content should align with the brand guidelines and must also include key messaging such as change, innovation, and, collaboration. The second part is to develop a "waiting room" signage for anyone joining virtual calls/meetings.

As an extension of the binary 1s + 0s, I focused on the use of lines and circles as it aligns with the brand's geometric illustrations. Color-wise, I leaned on the blue hues, as blue typically represents tech and is Expedia Group's predominant color. I have also explored gradients and color blends as it's a popular design trend due to the versatility (can be a focal point or background), it adds more depth and visual interest. Finally, photographs should portray action and lifestyle.

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