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Microsoft US Device Retail Marketing

As a designer on the Microsoft Device Retail Marketing team, I am responsible for crafting and executing digital/print marketing assets for Microsoft's product line (Surface, Xbox, Windows, Office) leveraged across various US retail brands. 

I work closely with digital leads, project managers, co-designers, and retail partners to develop campaign toolkits that consist of web-ready banners, landing page/ email mock-ups, and in-store screen/print content. The bulk of my work is to ensure that all assets are consistent in branding and tailored to specific retailer's style guidelines.

Role-  Visual Design

Client- Microsoft US Device & Retail Marketing

Project Managers- Ellen Cha, Jen Sa

Digital Leads- Natalie Kachook, Ryan Mallet, Sam Precup

Motion Designers- Ronny So, Sarah Chappell

Branding- Xbox, Windows, Surface Worldwide Team

Partners- Walmart, Amazon, GameStop, BestBuy

Deliverables- Digital banners, landing pages, email promos, demo screen content, in-store signage, site upkeep, mock-ups/ layout templatization


Digital Banners/ Templatization

Every digital banner set varies between products and retailers. Due to the high volume of requests that comes in for every campaign and promos, I have created generic layout templates (per retailer) in order to streamline the process and to ensure brand consistency among typography, logo, layout, and color. 

Example: Xbox banner ads template for GameStop


Landing Pages/ Email Mock-Ups

Aside from digital banner ads, our team supplies retailers with other brand assets such as landing page mock-ups. Here are examples of brand page experience mock-up that I have created for the Windows 11 launch on 


I was given the general wireframe for landing pages by the Windows branding team. The challenge was to figure out how our modules would fit within Walmart's criteria and layout. They had strict guidelines on font use and display so some modules couldn't be exactly translated 1:1, I had to find alternative ways to optimize certain features without compromising any of Windows 11's campaign content. This involved some drafting, a few iterations, and back/forth with Walmart's creative/ dev team, but ultimately, it helped me further understand the back-end process and the assets needed in order to design these brand pages.

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