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Microsoft Life 

The Microsoft employer brand focuses on building relatability and trust not only among consumers, but also, among employees and job candidates. Raw, inclusive storytelling drives brand affinity because when people can relate and resonate with what is being said, they are more likely to listen.

There are multiple pillars featured on Microsoft Life. Along with employee journey stories, we also share campus events, employee resource groups, and holiday/cultural observances.

Ultimately, the people who work at Microsoft shapes the Microsoft's brand, culture, and character. Therefore, Microsoft Life became the platform and a space that amplifies voices of employees across the globe.

Role-  Photography, Design

Client- Microsoft Life

Employer Brand Directors- Amanda O'Neal, Jen Crum

Editors- Gretchen Garland, Natalie Singer

Copywriters- Toy Norwood, Candace Morris 

Social Community Managers- Connor Kutsunai, Geri Massengale

Producer, Videographer- Steven Didis

Brand/ Content- Microsoft ERGs

Deliverables- Story package, photography, social media content, gifs, illustrations

Story Packages

Typically, the Microsoft Life stories would consist of illustrations, photography, and/or gifs, paired with long-form writing. Each feature has it's unique set of content that would be shared on and Microsoft Life's social media channels. As the designer/photographer on the team, I collaborate with writers, editors, and brand managers by providing creative input on these story assets. 

When it came to photoshoots, we aim to keep it authentic and raw. That meant, shooting in environments that are meaningful to the subject. It could be a casual walk through downtown or in the comfort of someone's home; it's all about creating that intimacy of communication/storytelling- rather than a typical interview.



A lot of our stories and content were driven by the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Microsoft. These are the people who make up the culture and character at Microsoft, it was important to share their journey. Sometimes, it would involve merging and expanding Microsoft's ERG sub-brands featuring our story heroes, other times, it could be creating gifs or infographics that feature events, holidays, and observances such as Veteran's Day, Lunar New Year, Pride Month, etc. that are shared on our #MicrosoftLife social platforms.
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