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Microsoft Life

Aside from crafting recruiting and brand communications for the Microsoft Employer Brand/ Recruiting Marketing, I had the opportunity to conceptualize and design Microsoft Life merch items for our internal team.

The goal was to create designs that are a little different from the main brand and less "corporate"-like, while still showcasing our key mission statement of empowering people to empower others. We went for a retro-esque/ "hipster" aesthetic, not only because it was trendy but also it displays a little bit of irony/ playful take on people's perception of Microsoft being an "old" company. Rather than denying it or trying to "fit in", we proudly embrace it.

Role-  Graphic Design

Client- Microsoft Life Team

Deliverables- Merch

Sketches & Mock-Ups

I wanted to create a simple, hand-written-like badge to use across various designs. The mantra "Empowering people to empower people" is the main focus and "A life well lived" is the alternative. Each badge version comes with small icons that are representative of the Microsoft Life culture. 

Screenshot 2021-08-04 192142_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2021-08-04 192142.jpg
Screenshot 2021-08-04 192142.jpg
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