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Microsoft Career Column:
New Year, New Career

A new year can mean new career goals for many. To kick off the year, the Microsoft Life team wanted to create a mini-series of career developing content to help early-career or industry professionals, jumpstart their goals.

These contents are published on the Microsoft Life microsite and their social media channels. Every career insight and tip are represented through icons and illustrations. In addition, I coordinated and executed photoshoots of featured Microsoft employees.

Role-  Graphic/Motion Design, Illustration, Photoshoot, Art Direction

Client- Microsoft Recruiting Marketing

Project Manager- Morgan Puravet

Copywriters- Lisa Walls, Toy Norwood, Natalie Singer

Brand/Story Lead- Amanda O'Neal

Social Media Manager- Conner Kutsunai

Deliverables- Hero graphic, story icons/ illustrations, photography, social media gif

Illustration Icons/ Animation

Ideas and points in the story are visually represented with icons/ GIFs, leveraging and expanding upon the Microsoft-styled illustrations.


Story Package

Continuing the Conversation: Career Advice Columns

As an extension of this campaign, our team published a series of career advice content that are meant to be tips for job seekers, especially for opportunities at Microsoft.


My role was to create a theme of hero graphics that would visually represent each career column. I repurposed, recreated, and added motion to these illustrations based on Microsoft's brand colors and flat style look/feel.