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Paula's Choice 

Paula's Choice is a straightforward skincare brand that is all about transparency in its products. They are known for their clean, innovative, and effective formulas that are backed by science and research. Their principals and core values are reflected in their visual branding as well; where simple is definitely more. 

​During my time at Paula's Choice, I mainly supported the Acquisition team, executing web-ready marketing assets published across the US and AU channels.

Role-  Graphic/ Visual Design

Client- Paula's Choice Acquisition Team

Creative Director- Jason Linscott

Marketing Director- Michael Johnson

Photographer- Vickie Miao

Copywriter- Kayla Lujan

SEM Manager- Suzelle Hirabayashi

Social Media Specialist- Emii Le

UX Designer- Claudia Mayorga

Graphic Designer- Karli Scott

Deliverables- Email drips, banner ads, playbook, social media content

Email Drips 

Here are some email mock-ups and template work, featuring one of Paula's Choice's star product, the 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. This email drip campaign is meant to provide application and ingredients information as well as to upsell products in the line. I designed the visual layout in collaboration with the UX designer and creative director.


Iterations 1-3


Iteration 4

Digital Ads & Acquisition Playbook

Due to the high-volume request and range of digital banners/ social media ads, I worked together with the SEM Manager, Social Media Specialist, and Creative Director to develop an acquisition playbook.


This playbook contains guidelines on the layout and use of brand elements (product/lifestyle photography, color palette, typography, layout) for specific promos and campaigns. The goal is to streamline the creative process, minimize churn and the number of iterations.

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