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Stackline is a retail intelligence/ software company that helps brands optimize their e-commerce marketing experience through strategy and data analytics.​ As an up-an-coming start-up, Stackline's website was in need of a visual re-vamp and the challenge was to update the existing homepage hero banner, while still retaining the brand's identity.


As a disclaimer, these were purely concepts created as part of Stackline's interview process. Ultimately, I decided to accept an offer from a different company, but it was great to receive positive feedback from Stackline, plus, it was an enjoyable UI design challenge.

Role-  Concepting, UI Design

Client- Stackline

Deliverables- landing page mock-up

Concept/ Re-vamp

Due to the fact that the company is driven by data and growth, I wanted to represent this visuall/ metaphorically- hence, the data points illustrated as constellations and the mountains elude to the idea that the growth path is "sky high".

In addition to the visuals, I also included a morning/ night theme based on their color palette to not only show the brand's colors but also, mirrors the time of day when a user visits the website (which also ties into the landscape theme).

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