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This Ordinary World

Before the new year, I wanted to accomplish two things: 1) Curate and host my first photo exhibition 2) support a non-profit for families in need, especially, during the holiday season.

I partnered with a local coffee shop that graciously offered their space for my exhibit. "This Ordinary World" is about capturing the essence and snapshots of daily life around the world. Along with the 20 prints, I also created a mini photobook as one of the merch that could be purchased in support of the non-profit organization.

I had about three weeks to plan, prepare, design, and organize all assets and moving parts for the show. It was indeed one of the most challenging and most rewarding things I've done. In the end, we were able to raise over $1000 for the Down's Syndrome Community of Puget Sound.

Role-  Art Direction, Design, Event Coordination

Client- The Down's Syndrome Community of Puget Sound

Deliverables- Photography, Photobook, Prints

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2019-12-08 12.25.18 1.jpg
event-products-mockup-scene_2x (1).png

Behind the image

The person in this shot is actually my sister, Kimberly, who has Down's Sydnrome. This was one of my favorite photos that I secretly took of her, while we were visiting my mother's hometown in Vietnam.  Because of the place, the time, and the memories behind this shot, I really wanted this to be the hero image of the event.

*Psstt.., you can find more of my photography work in the menu or my social ( !

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